PE “City Center for Real Estate”. Private Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI).

We are glad to welcome you to the official website of the City Real Estate Center. Our company conducts its activities in the field of concomitant registration of property rights to real estate in Kharkov and the region.

The company “City Center for Real Estate” is not just a Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI). We provide a full range of services related to the registration of rights to real estate in the complex.

Unlike the communal BTI – the specialists of our company provide assistance in the preparation of documents (technical passport, working project, technical conclusion) for residential and commercial real estate in Kharkov and the region, and also has its own design department, which is engaged in the development and manufacture of projects of buildings and structures , development of interior design. In the company “City Center for Real Estate” technical inventory (and certification) is carried out by certified engineers of technical inventory. Focusing on the needs of the client allows our company to carry out a technical inventory in the shortest possible time.
We will be helpful if you need:

Obtain a certificate of ownership of real estate
Legalize redevelopment, reconstruction, unauthorized construction
Develop a detailed design for reconstruction (construction)
Transfer an apartment to a non-residential fund (and vice versa)
Put into operation a property
Get a building permit
Prepare a technical passport for an apartment, residential building, non-residential fund, garage.
Prepare a technical opinion (technical opinion)

“We do not aim to be exceptional specialists in all aspects and branches of law. On the contrary, we focused on the range of services related to the registration of rights to real estate – and set a goal to be leaders in these issues and drivers of this industry!

Our company is a full-fledged member of the Association of Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) of Ukraine “Ukrtekhinventarizatsiya” and our specialists are directly involved in the development of regulatory changes in the legal framework in industries related to the areas of our work. “

Director of the company “City Center for Real Estate”.
Guarantees in cooperation with us:

Technical inventory services are provided on the basis of an Agreement with a client, which specifies the time and cost.
Clients’ interests are granted on the basis of a power of attorney.
The calculation is carried out in stages as the work is performed.
Only legal, working schemes for obtaining documents.
We will provide recommendations if necessary.

The official website of our company contains basic information about the services (design, production of a technical passport, assessment, designer and technical supervision, as well as related services) provided by us. On the official website, you can ask questions about the registration, order the performance of work on the technical inventory, order a call by phone – we will call you back during the working day.

The official site contains links to our pages on social networks, where you can leave feedback on our work.

You can also get free legal advice in our office.